Designing and Planning Your Project

"Plan the work, work the Plan"

Like any project, a successful construction project starts with a solid plan.  A solid plan is developed through the collaboration and input of owners, designers, architects, engineers and municipal officials. We will help coordinate and guide this process to provide for a more fluid and integrated plan that both captures and communicates the architectural design objectives of your project while allowing you, the owner to be involved from start to finish.  Here's some of our approach to planning: 

where to start

One of the first questions I ask clients to explore when designing their new home or renovation is, "Why are we doing this?  the question aims to clearly and simply define the purpose behind the project.  To some it's very obvious, but to some it's not.  In any either case, the purpose of the project must remain the guiding principle behind the design.  Questions like this help guide design by helping to refine our own design goals and expectations.

My first objective, is to listen.  I want to hear about your goals, and the ideas for your project.  I want to understand how involved (or not) you want be with your project and what your design constraints may be.  I then begin to assemble a team around you, tailored to fit your specific design objectives.  


Architects will listen to your design ideas and objectives and develop a complete plan for your project.  They will visit your site to understand the area and site influences and integrate their own personal design influences to the style of your home.  Architects will orient or 'seat' your home on the property to take advantage of positive site influences and help shelter you from the negative. They have unique designs and develop custom projects around you and your lifestyle.  The use of a skilled architect can be very rewarding.  We work very closely with several excellent architects and would be happy to help connect you with one that will fit your needs.


When you have your own solid ideas of design and are confident enough and just need to get them down on a plan, a draftsmen may be the answer for you.  Collaborating with a skilled draftsman can be very rewarding and can offer you the ability to take control of the overall design.  Working with a qualified and experienced draftsman however is critical to the success of this process. Where an architect will ensure your project meets your design criteria while considering a more holistic approach of design, a draftsmen will focus on more of the technical elements of your design and flesh out your ideas on paper. Our team works with a talented draftsmen who is very detailed and develops excellent plans.  Ask for more details. 

Interior Designers

Interior designers help owners find and maintain a design objective for their home.  They provide the owner a wide resource of knowledge and connect help owners unlock the style within themselves.  Many owners find it very challenging to choose design elements.  Designers help owners find their style of wall colours, flooring materials, countertops, tiles, glass, window coverings, railings, lighting, plumbing fixtures, door styles, specialty finishes, casings, baseboards and trim...and on and on...   A good interior designer helps smooth the way for a better and more integrated design by helping to select and source materials and finishings. Please request a list of designers to review for your project.